Everything in the icon leads to and is centered in the Mother of God. In the colors and details is to be discovered the joy of the incarnation, of the “Good News of Grace”. The very posture of the Archangel Gabriel is depicted in graceful motion as if dancing, holding in his left hand a staff, the ancient symbol of the messenger. His right hand is extended toward the Mother of God in both greeting and communication.

It is said that at the time of the Annunciation, the Mother of God was occupied with spinning. Thus, the ball of thread in her hand dropped as if forgotten in her surprise at the appearance of the Angel and the weightiness of his message. It is this latter element which explains the prudent, perplexed reaction of the Mother of God, conveyed here by the hesitant gesture of her hand, and expressed over and over by the hymns of the Feast. 1

1 Come Bless The Lord, GOD WITH US, Catechetical Series, 1976.