The fact that God became man and entered into our human life is seen in the icon of the Nativity of Christ. Wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger is the Christ Child. All the details in the icon relate to his presence. This presence shines radically with the black opening of the cave in which he was born.

The Virgin Mother is shown half-sitting, supported by a hammock-type bed used by the early Jews in their travels.

As in the Gospel, all mankind is called to this event. The wise Men represent the learned and astute, and the shepherds represent the humble of this world. A multitude of Angels give glory to God and announce this good news to mankind.

Also in the icon, several episodes are grouped together and show simultaneously. In the bottom left corner, Joseph sits in painful thought, while the Devil, under the guise of an old and bent shepherd, suggests new doubts and suspicions to him. In the opposite corner, two women are seen bathing the newborn infant to show the real humanity of Jesus. 1

1 Come Bless The Lord, GOD WITH US, Catechetical Series, 1976.