Our Lady of Wisdom Italo-Greek Byzantine Catholic Church

             Sunday Bulletin - NOVEMBER 5, 2023

23RD sunday after pentecost


 CONFESSION is offered before and after all Services; Saturday at 4:30pm and after Liturgy, Sunday starting 10:00am and at 2:00pm. To set up an alternative time for Confession or spiritual direction, please email Fr. Nathan at  fradams@ephx.org.


Saturday, November 4th 

4:00pm   Great Vespers  23rd Sunday After Pentecost

5:00pm   Divine Liturgy

Intention:  Jeanette Di Pietro Drechsler+

4th - Our venerable father, Joannicius the Great, a native of Bithynia in Asia Minor, he was in turn a soldier, a solitary hermit near Mt. olympus, possessed the gift of prophecy and worked miracles.  He opposed the Iconoclasts, died at age 94 A.D. 866.  SS. Nicander, Bishop of Myra and Hermas, Presbyter, were put to death at myra in Lycia in Asia Minor.  Date uncertain.  


Sunday, November 5th  23rd Sunday After Pentecost

Intention: Our Lady of Wisdom Parishioners   

9:30am-10:00am Adult Education: Ignatius Brianchaninovs’ The Field

10:10am   3rd Hour 

10:30am   Divine Liturgy

Intention:  Our Lady of Wisdom Parishioners

Potluck following Liturgy   

1:00pm  Mystagogy Class

5th  - St. Galacteon and Epistemis, a Christian husband and wife whom he converted and baptized during a persecution, after which each retired into a monastery.  They confessed the Faith at Emessa in the reign of Decius, Emperor.


Monday, November 6th

6:00am   Jesus Prayer  

6th - Our holy father, Paul, Archbishop of Constantinople, Confessor, stremuously upheld Catholicism against the Arians, but fell victim to the bigotry of the Emperor Arians with his own Omophorion A.D. 350.   


Tuesday, November 7th  

6:00am   Jesus Prayer  

6:00pm   Festal Vespers   Archangel St. Michael

7:00pm   Divine Liturgy with Panachida   Intention:  Gary Atkin+

7th - SS. Hieros and Others with him, Armenian Christians, 33 in number, suffered at Melitene under the Emperor Diocletian in the first years of the 4th Century A.D.  Our holy father, Lazarus, wonderworker, fasting in the hills of Galilee.  


Wednesday,  November 8th

6:00am    Jesus Prayer   

10:00am  Festal Matins  Archangel St. Michael

11:00am  Divine Liturgy  Intention:  Fr. Francis White+

12:00am  Helpers of St. Nicholas Homeless Ministry

8th - Synaxix of St. Michael the Archangel and all Angels.  (Feast from the time of Constantine the Great, Emperor).


Thursday, November 9th  

8:15am  Morning Prayer

3:15pm  Evening Prayer


9th - SS. Onesiphorus and Porphyrius, Marytrs.  Porphyrius was of the household of Onesiphorus spoken of by St. Paul in his 2nd Epistle to Timothy.  They preached the Gospel towards the close of the 1st century.  Tradition says they were tied to wild horses and torn to pieces.  Our venerable other, Matrona, died in A.D. 466, having lived 100 years.  Venerable, Theoktista, of Lesbos Island.  

Friday, November 10th

8:15am  Morning Prayer


10th - SS. Erastus, Olympus, Rodeon, Sosipator, Tertius and Quartus, Apostles Erastus was converted by St. Paul and one of his helpers (Acts 19:22).  Sosipater was a kinsman and disciple of St. Paul (Rom 16:21).  Quartus was a disciple of the Apostles, mentioned by St. Paul (Rom 16:23).

Saturday, November 11th 

4:00pm  Great Vespers  24th Sunday After Pentecost

5:00pm  Divine Liturgy

Intention: Deceased Family, Relatives & Friends of Mariane Hein


11th - St. Menas, Victor and Vincent, Martyrs, suffered martyrdom A.D. 296.  St. Stephenida, Martyr, endured death A.D. 213.  Our venerable father, Theodore Studite, Confessor, Hegumen-Abbot.  He resisted the Iconoclast Emperor at Constantinpole, was banished four times and ended his days in exile, aged 80, A.D. 826.  

Sunday, November 12th  24th Sunday After Pentecost

9:30am-10:00am Adult Education: Ignatius Brianchaninovs’ The Field

10:10am 3rd Hour 

10:30am  Divine Liturgy

Intention:  Our Lady of Wisdom Parishioners

Potluck following Liturgy   

1:00pm  Mystagogy Class

12th - St. Josaphat, Priest-Martyr, Archbishop of Polotsk, was the first of the Orientals to be canonized at Rome A.D. 1867.  Born at Vladimire, Poland A.D. 1584, at twenty he entered the Order of St. Basil, became a priest and was consecrated Archbishop in Lithuania.  By his zeal he effected many conversions.  In spite of warning, he visited the parish at Witepsk where the Schismatics cruelly put his to death for the Faith A.D. 1623.  


GREAT VESPERS – Beginning Saturday, November 4, Great Vespers will begin at 4:00pm, followed by Divine Liturgy at 5:00pm.


ARCHANGEL ST. MICHAEL Services are:  Tuesday, November 7, 6:00pm Festal Vespers and 7:00pm Divine Liturgy.  Wednesday, November 8, 10:00am Festal Matins and 11:00am Divine Liturgy. 

ENTRANCE OF THE THEOTOKOS Services are:  Monday, November 20, 6:00pm Festal Vespers and 7:00pm Divine Liturgy.  Tuesday, November 21, 10:00am Festal Matins and 11:00am Divine Liturgy.   

PHILLIP’S FAST – According to the forty-day tradition, the Phillip’s Fast, in preparation for Christmas begins on November 14.  During this fast it was the custom to observe a strict abstinence on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a lesser abstinence (mitigation for wine and oil) on Tuesday and Thursday.  The fast is observed more strictly from December 10 or from December 20 (in some traditions) with daily strict abstinence, and a mitigated abstinence (wine and oil) on Saturday and Sunday.  The Ruthenian Metropolia has identified this period as a penitential season.  This fast may be observed voluntarily, partially or in its entirety. 

THANKSGIVING FOOD BASKETS – We will be distributing Thanksgiving food baskets for those in need.  Please bring your nonperishable food items to be donated and place in front of the St. Nicholas icon.  If you know of a family in need, please see Karen St. George or Fr. Nathan.     




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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our parishioners who celebrate birthdays this week: Carol Fischbach, November 9.  God Grant You Many Happy Blessed Years!


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