Our Lady of Wisdom Italo-Greek Byzantine Catholic Church

            Sunday Bulletin - FEBRUARY 4, 2024



CONFESSION is offered before and after all Services (no confession around “Jesus Prayer”); Saturday at 3:30pm and after Liturgy, Sunday starting 10:00am and at 2:00pm. To set up an alternative time for Confession or spiritual direction, please email Fr. Nathan at fradams@ephx.org.


Saturday, February 3rd

10:00am Divine Liturgy - 1st All Souls Saturday

4:00pm Great Vespers

5:00pm Divine Liturgy -  Sunday of Meat-Fare

Intention: Emma Oleski+

Sunday, February - 4th Sunday of Meat-Fare

9:00am Adult Education: Ignatius Brianchaninovs’ The Field

9:30am Festal Matins

10:30am Divine Liturgy  

Intention: Our Lady of Wisdom Parishioners   

Potluck following Liturgy

1:00pm Mystagogia

Monday, February 5th

6:00am    Jesus Prayer   

Tuesday, February 6th

6:00am    Jesus Prayer   

Wednesday, February 7th

6:00am    Jesus Prayer   

11:40am 6th Hour

12:00pm Helpers of St. Nicholas Homeless Ministry

Thursday, February 8th

No Service

Friday, February 9th

No Service

Saturday, February 10th *

4:00pm Great Vespers

5:00pm Divine Liturgy - Sunday of Cheese-Fare

St. Blaise--Anointing of Throats

Intention: Our Lady of Wisdom Parishioners   

Sunday, February 11th - Sunday of Cheese-Fare

St. Blaise--Anointing of Throats *

9:00am Adult Education: Ignatius Brianchaninovs’ The Field

9:30am Festal Matins

10:30am Divine Liturgy  

Intention: Rebecca Russo   

Potluck following Liturgy

1:00pm Mystagogia

3:00pm Forgiveness Vespers



3rd - St. Simeon, the Venerable-Senex and “God-Bearer”, lived to see and hold the Infant Jesus, the consolation of Israel, in his arms. St. Anna, prophetess, prophesied concerning Christ. She remained in widowhood consecrated to the service for 54 years, not leaving the Temple, she persevered night and day in prayer and fasting. At the age of 84 she beheld the Infant Jesus at the Presentation.

4th - Our Venerable Father, Isidore of Pelusium, founder a monastery at Pelusium, and was held I great esteem as a theologian and guide of souls. Died about A.D. 450. St. Jador, Martyr was put to death by Numerius, during the reign of the Emperor Decius.

5th - St. Agatha, Martyr, suffered death in prison A.D. 250 under the leadership of Quintinianus, during the reign of Emperor Decius.

6th - Our Venerable father, Bucolus, Bishop of Smyrna. He lived in the days of St. John the Evangelist, by whom he was appointed Bishop before Polycarp, Martyr. 

7th - Our Venerable father, Parthenius, Bishop of Lampsachia, died A.D. 318 during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great - Our venerable father, Luke, who was in Helladia of Syria. 

8th - St. Theodore, the great Martyr, was a general I the army of the Emperor Licinius. He suffered death at Heraclea in Thrace A.D. 318. St. Zacharias, the Prophet, was one of the tribe of Levi 520 B.C. 

9th - St. Nicephorus, Martyr, a Syrian Christian, took the place of Sapricius who apostatized before a heathen judge, and was put to death A.D. 260 during the reign of Emperor Valerian.

10th - St. Charalampus, Martyr, endured death by the sword A.D. 203 at Magnesia in Asia Minor, in the hegemony of Lucinianus, in the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus. 

11th - St. Blasé, Bishop-Martyr, suffered martyrdom A.D. 316 at Sebaste, be beheading during the hegemony of Licinius, in the reign of Constantine the Great, Emperor.


ALL SOULS SATURDAY – If you wish to submit any updated names you would like remembered at the All Souls Liturgies, please write their names on the forms found in the back of the church and place on the south side alter. 

FORGIVENESS SUNDAY VESPER SERVICE will be on Sunday, February 11th at 3:00pm.



CHURCH AND OFFICE HOURS - Hours are subject to change such as on a Feast day with Liturgy.

Monday through Wednesday 6:00am – 7:00am

Tuesday through Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Friday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Saturday 3:00pm – 6:30pm

Sunday 8:30am – 2:00pm

VALENTINE’S FAMILY SPAGHETTI BRUNCH fundraiser will be on Sunday, February 4th after Liturgy. Tickets are only $15.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids 5 and older. We are looking for donated items such as restaurant gift certificates, massage gift certificates, icons, etc to be auctioned. Volunteers are also needed. Prepackaged meals will be available for those that can not stay. Please contact Karen at 702-379-9853 or Cheryl at 702-595-8723 for any questions and if you can help and to preorder meals for takeout.

ByzanTEEN Rally 2024 - On January 20th, registration for the ByzanTEEN Rally opens. It will be at the University of San Diego from June 27-30. This dynamic gathering of the future of our Church will include 3 keynote speakers (Fr. Chris Zugger, Mother Iliana, and Trent Horn), prayer, social and sport activities, bringing Byzantine Catholic Teens across the country together to walk on the waters of faith in Christ. Stay tuned for more info!


FACEBOOK GROUP - If you are on Facebook, please join Fr. Nathan’s “Eastern Catholic Daily Catechesis Group”: The group features daily Bible Readings, the Saints of the Day, and a Daily Icon. The group also offers educational opportunities in the Eastern Tradition.


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Glory to Jesus Christ!

Glory to Him Forever!