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Exarchate of the Italo-Albanians: Grottaferrata

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Chant of Grottaferrata

Video of Chant of Grottaferrata - Αλληλουάριον, Ήχος α' (YouTube)

Grottaferrata and the Monastery of San Nilo

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Eparchia Di Lungro


Eparchia di Piana degli Albanesi


"Greek College" by Sub-Deacon David Vonderohe

Founded in 1577 by Pope Gregory XIII, the Pontifical Greek College (Pontificio Collegio Greco di San’Atanasio) is the first pontifical college in Rome dedicated to the formation of Eastern Catholic clergy. From the time of its founding until today, it has provided liturgical, spiritual, human, and academic formation for Byzantine rite seminarians. Today the Greek College houses 17 students from 11 different countries, among which is Subdeacon David Vonderohe of Our Lady of Wisdom Italo-Greek Byzantine Catholic Church, who is currently completing his Licentiate in Canon Law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. 

The Pontifical Greek College

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The second half of the sixteenth century saw the rise in Rome of the first papal colleges for the clergy starting from the Roman College (1551), and the Germanic College (1552). On January 13, 1577, Gregory XIII[1], also for the inspiration of Card. G. A. Santori[2], officially founds with the bull “In Apostolicae Sedis Specula” the Greek College, already opened in November 1576, “in quo pueri et adolescentes Graeci ex ipsa Graecia et aliis Provinciis et locis, ubi commorantur, conquisiti alantur... instituantur”[3] intended to welcome and instruct In analogy to what were the purposes of the colleges of the nations of northern Europe created at that time in Rome to combat the advance of the Protestant Reformation, probably the purpose was to promote the re-establishment of communion with Rome of the separate communities of the East.